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Our Story

Our history begins in 1989 when Portable Micrographics, Inc. started in Albuquerque. John Pinkston, co-owner, had been working for a for-profit company running their records management department which consisted of hard copy records storage and source document microfilming.  John had developed an extensive knowledge of records management and micrographics standards and best practices.

In 2002 Portable Micrographics was incorporated and in 2003 we took on additional customers with the purchase of MicroServices from Farmington.  In the years since Portable Micrographics, Inc. was established we have served many customers. These customers include Banks, Credit Unions, Title companies, Utility Companies, Schools, Native American Pueblos, State, City and Federal Agencies, County Clerks, Judicial and Municipal Courts, Universities, Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, Libraries, as well as Personal Collections

Since we handle confidential information, our company is insured and bonded.  We take great pride in all the work we do. All work produced is in accordance with both the State of New Mexico and ANSI microphotography Standards. We currently deliver microfilm to the New Mexico State Archives for inspection and storage for many of our customers.


Services and Costs
What is the cost to either microfilm or scan a box of records?
Ultimately, the cost to scan/microfilm a box of records will come down to the total number of pages + required prep that must be completed. On average, a single box of files that are ready to microfilmed/scanned will cost between $95 and $150. Give us a call today and we’ll schedule a time to stop by so that we can provide an accurate quote.

It depends on if the files are already prepared and in the correct order. If not then they must be prepped which consists of taking them out of their file folders, putting them in order if necessary, removing any staples, paper clips, unfolding pages and taping down any small loose papers. Depending on how many of these tasks need to be performed just the document preparation alone can take between 1-5 hours per box. If the files all ready to microfilm or scan then then cost is between $ 95.00 and $150.00 per box, depending on the total number of pages.

How long will it take to get my files back?
It depends on our existing workload and how much you have to be scanned or filmed. If you can give me an estimate of your volume we can give you an estimated turnaround time.